Y.S. YAMASHITA SHOJI Co.,Ltd. 株式会社山下商事Y.S. YAMASHITA SHOJI Co.,Ltd. 株式会社山下商事


Machinery Activities

  • Propose and select the best makers and machines to match customers’ needs exactly.
  • Propose original machines, made by ODM/OEM makers.
  • Propose customized machines, assembling a particular maker’s and original parts.
  • Propose and develop a special machine to meet the special specification demand.
  • Undertake all the procedure, like to remove and trade-in current machines, import and export.
  • processing, installation and operational instruction.
  • Propose high efficiency and price reasonable consumption parts and auxiliary equipment.
  • Undertake to maintain and overhaul current machines.
  • Undertake import and export processing and machines relocation work.
  • Introduce and search the second hand machines
  • Propose and construct the customization and maintenance of the second hand machines in stock.
  • Purchase or scrap idle machines.
  • Propose low energy environmental equipment to analyze and compare with exist equipment.
  • Propose materials and products, like general materials, sustainable materials and high added valued materials.

Second hand machinery

Sale and purchase for second hand machinery

We deal with second hand machinery as well. Please feel free to contact us in case your looking for any and you would like to sell idle machines and unnecessary machines.

Total support

We can be responsible to receive all the work and procedure, beginning from designing, installation, test running to after service. You donot need to have any anxiety on the projects.

Textile machinery
Machines tools
Coin making machinery
Supplementary machinery
Fiber materials

Relocation work

We can be responsible to receive all the relocation work from Japan to Japan, Japan to Overseas, Overseas to Japan as well as Overseas to Overseas.
Customers donot need to prepare or take any time for all the things.
We can offer dismantling at current mills, transportation, carry-in, installation, test running, etc as total support.
We also can take responsibility to do in export/import custom clearance work for relocation to/from mills in overseas.


We dispose rested and needless ma - chines and equipment as well as unnecessary equipment by closing a busi - ness, by better condition than others.