Coin making machinery

Coin making machinery

To Supply More Efficient Production by Improvement and Systemic line.

Since we took over the rimming machine production, which is one of the processes for making coin, medal and hard cash, from a local maker in Japan, we have been producing and improving the machine as a maker. We have also co-operated with press and stamp makers, of which machines must be necessary for a whole process and reached a complete system line for coin making.

Summary of Machine

This is the machine to automatically form roundish edge at the surrounding of circular shaped material as stamped out by means of the Press.
The machine consists of Edge Press & Circular MaterialFeeder.Circular material shall be sent from its Feeder hopper to its Discharge disc at constant rate, and sent to Edge Press at constant rate.
The EdgePress, by its ring type mould rotaton, makes edge processing ofcircular matrials by making it pass between the ring type mould and the semicircular type mould.


Rimming Process of Coin and Medal

Production model

1Way Type and 2Way Type

Summary of Operation

1)Edge Press

The worm shaft of this machine is driven by the motor through the timing belt.
Worm wheel is attached to the solenoid clutch. This clutch is assembled into the main shaft.
That leads to make the main shaft rotate by being switched electric or manual.
A ring with a groove is installed on the upper part of main shaft. By rotation of the ring, the circular material can pass between the ring and the semicircular disc so that edge pressing shall be done.

2)Circular Meterial Feeder

By rotating discharge disc, the circular materials are aligned in onerow by centrifugal force around the disc and are sent off.
Its intermediate shaft shall be driven by V-belt powered by the motor and power is futhermore transmitted to the worm gear unit to rotate the discharge disc.
By means of fixed rate discharge system, quality on the disc are adjustable by means of the detection switch being actuated in case of excessive number of the material on the disc that the vibrator for the supply is stopped.